Experienced global mobility experts in corporate, individual and family relocation services. We’re here to optimize your time and simplify international mobility, breaking down the barriers between people and places.

Our core services

Think of all the things that could make life easier in the relocation process; learn more about our core services below and discover the value of a planned move with experienced professionals. Book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Immigration services

We cover the entire immigration spectrum; visas and work permits, legal compliance, documentation translation, assisting with local registration such as health, driving at destination, banking, tax and social security. 

Relocation management

Our accredited team of dedicated experts assist with the fine details of relocation. This encompasses all aspects of housing, utilities and schooling as well as the seamless integration of clients and their families into their new localities. 

Short-term assignments

A short-term move can be a corporate assignment or academic (students) in nature. Our project managers coordinate the process, ensuring the necessary posted worker declarations, visas and serviced accommodation are in place.  

HR team training

Some organizations prefer to build in-house expertise for HR & Mobility Managers to handle the full process. We can provide the training required to coordinate cross-border recruitment, expatriate assignments, mobility matters and career development.

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Understanding the value of mobility in a global context

Mobility benefits organisations, individuals and families alike. If you’re a global organization, the agility to attract, deploy, manage and engage talent anywhere is a must. But cross-border recruitment comes with increased complexity in cost, tax compliance, legislation and effective talent tracking. Moving-On uses flexible technology to remove those pain points, allowing you to find talent wherever they are and getting them to where they need to be.

For individuals and families, global mobility also presents a huge opportunity to expand life experiences whilst leveraging your talents to create wealth and fulfilment. The concepts of location independence, digital nomadism and WFH, coupled with the cross-border nature of employment will open up the potential for very different lifestyles in the near future.

Relocating people with a duty of care and designing assignment programs that build capability to move people effectively. That is our passion and what we assist with. Our experienced teams based in Portugal and Mozambique help professionals move; through our fully customizable and technology enabled relocation approach. We’ve been at the forefront since 2003.

One portal for all mobility needs

Whether you’re a corporate recruiting talent abroad, an individual or a family looking to relocate, Moving-ON is committed to help you embrace change with useful information. We provide you with a technology-enabled end-to-end mobility service; leaving you to solely focus on the reasons you’re moving.

Have Any Questions?

We are here to make your relocation smoother. Get in touch, we’re excited to be a part of your move.

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