Mês: Julho 2015

Temporary assignments to the Schengen area of Europe

[:pt]In the past few years there has been an increased trend to shorter assignments and extended business travel as companies think about efficient ways to manage their projects and international staff, Peregrine Immigration reports. Immigration compliance can become complex in these cases, and Peregrine has worked together with its partners to present processes in its […]

Government will not tolerate violations of labour law

Mozambican Labour Minister Vitoria Diogo has warned that the government will not tolerate repeated and serious violations of Mozambican labour legislation, particularly in the areas of the recruitment of foreign workers and of safety norms in the workplace. Diogo gave this warning on Monday, when she opened a seminar on “Portuguese investment and labour questions […]

In which cases is foreign income obtained by Non-Habitual Residents in Portugal exempt from taxation?

[:pt]No caso de pensionistas e reformados, quando: os rendimentos sejam tributados no Estado de origem, em conformidade com convenção para eliminar a dupla tributação celebrada por Portugal com esse Estado; pelos critérios previstos no Código do IRS, os rendimentos não sejam considerados obtidos por fonte portuguesa. No caso de rendimentos decorrentes de trabalho dependente, quando: […]

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