Terms of Service

The terms and conditions below regulate the use of the Moving-ON e-Shop and the sales carried out at www.moving-on.co. It’s your standard terms for used by most online shops. There’s no small print here, everything is laid out in plain language.


After placing your order, the User has 24 hours to pay it or it will be automatically canceled. We accept payments by bank transfer or Paypal.

Bank transfer – The NIB is provided in your shopping cart. Please enter your order number (which is sent by email after purchase) as a reference when making the transfer.

Paypal- You will be automatically redirected to this website where you can pay by credit card. For more information about Paypal please see https://www.paypal.com. Please do not close your window during payment; you will be automatically redirected to our store after the operation has been successfully completed.


Moving-On eShop does not guarantee the functioning of the site or access to the same by the User. Moving-On eShop is not responsible for interruptions, difficulties or access errors, data transfer security failures, transmission of computer viruses, software failures or mistakes, or any damage that may occur in the IT systems and User data as a result of access to the site.


All prices in the Moving-On eShop are stated in EUR. The price of each service includes Portuguese VAT at the current rate.

Price Changes

Moving-On eShop reserves the right to change prices of the services sold. The prices of the services will, during the time of placing an order, be valid throughout that specific process.


Moving-On eShop cannot be held responsible for any currency changes or currency exchange rates any bank may have when exchanging the EUR into any other currency.

Alteration of Website Content

Moving-Online eShop can, at any time, alter the contents of the site. It is the User’s responsibility to consult the contents and be in conformity with them, in each access. The use of the site implies the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Refunds and Exchanges

During 15 days from the activation of your service package you may request to exchange or return your order. You must also return the original invoice. Refunds for returned services will be made as soon as possible, 30 business days at the latest, after Moving-On eShop receives the request for exchange. The refund will be made to the credit/debit card you used for the order in question. Please note, that additional duties, taxes or any additional charge you may have will not be refunded by Moving-On eShop.

Feedback and Complaints Policy

We welcome any comments or suggestions about our service, so that we can improve what we are doing. If you would like to register a complaint, please email our Customer Services Team ([email protected]) stating your problem and what led to your dissatisfaction. We will answer your email within a few working days, as soon as possible.

Contact Information for Customer Service

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service team at [email protected].

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