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Keep up to date with mobility industry trends, EuRA accredited professional development courses and more. Global worker mobility is a reality. The next decade will see companies have even greater need to recruit and deploy their talent around the world, and as a consequence, international assignment levels and overall mobility will increase significantly. If you want to know more about global mobility outside of our blog, below are some resources that we’ve found particularly interesting.

EuRA courses for HR professionals

Moving-ON co-founder Isabel Cudell, has been heavily involved in supporting the courses and tenets of the EuRA over the past decade. As a HR and mobility professional, there is no better to bolster professionally know-how.

EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA promotes professional relocation services as well as provide practical support and advice, training and best practice guidance for all its members.

Intercultural understanding, social values and information sharing are deeply ingrained in EuRA DNA and members are dedicated professionals who share the organisation’s vision and values.

Managing International Mobility Program

Keep up to date with industry best practice. The MIM program provides HR mobility teams with knowledge needed to succeed.  More courses can be found at the EuRA academy. 

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Course information

Trends in the mobility sector

Reliable, accurate, and timely information is critical for strategic business planning and the effective mobilization of talent. We couldn’t agree more, that’s why we’d like to share the following critical sector resources with you.


This report presents a brief overview of selected key findings from KPMG’s survey data and offers some important takeaways for global mobility professionals during an unprecedented year for global mobility.

Talent Mobility 2020, by PWC

“The world is connected as it has never been before, and the power of collaboration is beginning to emerge. . . Mobilization strategies will need to progress significantly to keep pace with this change.”

Relocate Magazine

Providers of very useful information and support for HR, global mobility managers, global teams and those relocating, operating in or setting up new operations overseas.

Worldwide ERC®

“In the ever-changing mobility industry, amidst the shifting sands of what it means to work globally as a business and continue to connect talent across borders.”

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